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Thre-layer PCBs:

  • basic core material: FR4,  thickness 1/1.5mm,  18/18 µm copper
  • Third layer printed: as polymer CU cream copper, galvanically strenghtened to 10 µm.
  • Third layer laminated: CU-foil 18/or 35/µm laminated on a two-layer core 1 mm thick. 
    To prevent a bow-effect, the pcb is produced actually as a 4-layer board
  • drilled according to the drilling data, drilled holes metallized
  • solder mask photolithographically placed
  • service print
  • galvanic tin
  • tinned with Cn100C solder /not recommended/ or
  • treated by  OSP or
  • galvanic gold over galvanic nickel

Maximum size:

250 x 300mm when galvanic tinned

250 x 300mm when HAL tinned /solder mask needed/

250 x 300mm OSP

250 x 300mm galvanic gold

Needed documents:

• GERBER data with check prints or

• positive films of tracks, solder masks and service print. Set of data files allways required for production purposes.

• EXCELLON drill data

• The boards are milled to final dimension only. Others must be consulted during placing the order.