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Products > Solder-cream screens

The screens for solder-cream application are produced from bronze plates CuSn6 thickness 0.1 mm , maximum size 300x480 mm.

The motif is taken from the Gerber data of the pcb. Generally the pads are on each side diminished by 0,075 mm / totaly by 0.15 mm/.
The motif can be deliverd as an extra layer. In this case in will not be changed.

After etching the galvanic tin is removed and the customer gets  the blanc bronze plate. We can keep the galvanic tin if demanded.



Laser cutted stencils

We are cutting our stencils with laser beam to stainless steel sheet material SUS 304. Our machine is able to process material with thickness of 20 – 1000 microns. Standard thickness like 80, 100, 127, 150 and 200 microns are n your storage. Order for different thickness is also possible.
Our standad metal sheet dimensions are 350 x 610 mm. This format is designed for standard Uniprint 300 x 480 mm stencil. All smaller stencils are panelized and cutted together with another stencils.

Technical requirements for laser cutted stencils production

Input data should be in followinf formats: Gerber274-X, DXF/DWG, PostScript
Stencil data must include outline which will be used for final format. In the case of stencils Uniprint-like outline could be added by our technician including fitting holes and centering.
Thickness of material MUST be specified. Thickness option must be consistent with designing rules with respect to layout finest precission.
Cutted pads are not modified in any way. Real cutting will be right 1:1 to your data layout. We assume your knowledge of your assemlby requirements. Abiding datasheet sizing values is recommended for easy assembly.
There must be a mark for each side in stencil data layout. We need data layout from spatula side view as required our laser machine. Layout is automatically mirrored and cutted from board side for better future paste application. Please place side marks to layout.
Text marking is also possible. Texts are not cutted thru the metal sheet but laser engraved. Laser beam diameter is 30 microns. Engraving is much more slower than cutting thru. Plese specify which side will be engraved. Take notice that engraving from spatula side requires additional panel manipulation in the machine. So this case is more expensive.
Dimensions of cutted holes and material thickness are keys to quality soldering and have important influences for additional work of technician during pin shortcuts removal. Less means more – this is really correct here. Be careful during designing hole sizes. Do not reduce size like with etched stencils! Take notice that laser cutting gives same size like data layout. We do not modify your data layout.
Our machine is G6080 supplied by our partner LPKF.

Our machine is G 6080 supplied by our partner LPKF.