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Technology > Multilayer PCBs > Before laminating

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The motifs IN1-IN2 and others are produced on the core. The core is tested by the e-tester.

Making the ML-PCBs, the prepreg has to stick to the copper surface of the core. This is why the core has to be oxidized up to 3μm. The bad quality of these black oxids influence the lifetime of the board. See more on page „Metallizing“.

Producing 4- and more layer PCB the warp and weft of the laminates of the core and of the prepregs must have the same orientation. Otherwise the PCBs would bow after the pressing. The packages of the copper, the prepregs and the core must be placed exactly on the guarding pins. These pins have different diameters to prevent reverse completing of the sets.
When puting the PCB sets into the hot press, they are separated from each other by tri-acetate-foil.