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Development center

The development center of the company Printed s.r.o offers the complete customized electronics design including the layout, hardware and firmware design as well as an optimization and upgrade of your current products. All our services are concentrated in-house, which results in a significant reduction of the development costs and time-to-market reduction. Therefore your competitive ability increases.

The development process can be devided into the following phases:

- contact to customer, understanding of customer requirements, clarification and confirmation of technical specification
- quotation and schedule
- hardware design (circuit diagram, optimum component selection, calculations and simulations, FMEA)
- layout design (single-, double- and multi-layer)
- firmware (software) design in case of microcontroller based applications
- building and testing of functional samples
- ensuring of certification if required
- ensuring of volume production if required

The development process can be started only if all customer requirements have been clarified and the exact technical specification has been created. If the preparing of the technical specification exceeds customer capabilities, we can offer full support free of charge. In such a case, the customer has only to confirm the technical specification created in this way.

The extensive attention should be paid to the preparation of the technical specification still before starting the development process. Every modification of the technical specification during running development results in an increasing development effort, costs and time. The expresions and desriptions used within technical specifications should be simple, short and clear with utilization of pictures, graphs, block diagrams etc.