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Technology > PCB assembly


We offer our customers an automated as well as a manual printed circuit board assembly. The manual mounting and soldering process is performed directly in our house, whereas the automated assembly process is ensured in a cooperation with external partners. Whether manual or automated, the suitable assembly process depends on the complexity and quantity of the PCB to be assembled. Single or double sided mounting has also to be considered. The manual process is suitable for very low PCB quantities generally, e.g. during sampling and prototyping, due to significantly lower set-up costs. Otherwise the automated process is prefered.

In order to provide you a quotation of PCB assembly, we need the following technical data - assembly drawing and/or PCB layout, bill of material (BOM). We also accept design files SCH and BRD from the widely spread PCB design software EAGLE from CADSOFT.
The price quotation can be processed quickly and precise only if the important parameters of the electronic components have beeen specified exactly. Missing parameters may cause clarification need resulting in a delay. The final product manufacturability and functionality can be negatively affected as well. See the BOM proposal below.
You can find indicative prices for assembling in our ASSEMBLING PRICELIST.
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