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Products > PCB`s on Aluminum base material

PCB`s on Aluminum base material

Standard outfit:

The material can be bought in Germany at  Göttle Leiterplattenplattentechnik Co. The board sized 210x300mm costs about 10 €.
For testing samples we can produce the board in our factory.

The Al-board is 2mm thick and from one side plated with copper 18µm or 35µm.

  • Only the fixing holes are drillied into the Al-board. The parts are soldered by SMD-technology.
  • Solder maskmade photolithographically
  • Galvanic gold over Ni or
  • OSP method


Maximum size:

210 x 300mm  with galvanic gold over Ni

210 x 300mm  with OSP

Needed  documents:

• GERBER data with check print

• positive films with the motif, solder mask and service print

• EXCELLON drill data for the Al-board

• Final board size, eventual milling drawing. Different demands are due to consulting. The milling of the already mounted boards can be specified.




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