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To produce the ML-PCBs requires quite a sophisticated technology. I´d like to say a few words about it.

As we have been producing the ML-PCBs since 1998, we gained a lot of experience and completed the technology. In  2007 we were able to accept an order of 5000 pieces of HF transformers consisting of 26 layers for the CERN center. That wasn´t easy at all. Each producer guards his technology and bewares of giving any advice. Recommended chemicals could give nonsatisfying results and that would discourage our customers from further orders.
So the only way is to experiment and  study scratch patterns. Sometimes the PCB passes the test, but later looses its function. In such cases it is necessary for the customer to cooperate with the producer and we try to solve the problem. We did all we could and now we are able to produce 6 and 8 layer PCBs with the blind holes for BGA packages.
This article should help the customers or even the producers to determine some faults of the PCBs and to be up-to-date in the pcb technology.

Among the interesting products are the electronic spirit level.