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Products > Flexible pcbs


Foil PCBs are made of  Pyralux - thickness 0.1 mm, one or both sides plated with copper 18 or 35 µm.

  • Hole metallizing impossible
  • Bending radius of 5 mm and repeated bending by 180 ° are allowed
  • Total board size is limited to 200 x 300 mm due to the complicated production technology.
  • The boards must be soldered carefully as the tracks could separate from the carrier.



Flexible PCBs are made of  FR4 - thickness 0.1 mm.

  • Hole metallizing is possible
  • The material is more solid than Pyralux
  • Repeated bending up to 90with the radius of 50 mm is allowed
  • Solder mask can be applied


Maximum size:

380 x 500mm  with galvanic tin

380 x 500mm  with OSP

380 x 500mm  with galvanic gold


Needed documents:

• GERBER data with check prints or

• positive films of tracks, solder masks and service print. Set of data files allways required for production purposes.

• EXCELLON drill data

Final board size, eventual milling drawing. The final dimensions are finished only by milling. Other wishes have to be consulted during placing the order.

HAL is not applicable.