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Dear customer,

together with the growing demands on the production, increase the requirements for the data preparation.
The data should be stated clearly to avoid any further interference from the technologists.

How to proceed when preparing the data:

The layers should be set to match exactly.
The motive of the PCB must hold an alphanumerical sign for the side orientation.

Two-sided boards are copper-claded 18/18 microns, one sided from 35/0 micron plates.
In case you demand different copper thickness, it is necessary to state it in your PCB order.

The wires as well as the soldering area must lie at least 0.50 mm off the rim.
The same goes for the earth areas: It is absolutely impossible for the earth to exceed the rim. The edges would end up ragged.

The contour of the board should be lined on the copper layer only by short L-shaped marks, 0.20 mm thick. Eventually the non-soldering mask layer can include the whole shape of the board, especially in the case of milling a complicated shape.

The service print must not exceed to the soldering areas, otherwise it is cut off by our CAM software and becomes unreadable.
Don´t forget to enlarge the soldering areas in the mask at least by 0.1 mm.
It is better to make big areas by polygon, not by hatching. Otherwise the files get too big and it slows the work.
Soldering areas must be in the FLASH / PAD type, the lines and conductors in the DRAW / TRACK shape. Preparing the data for e-tester is then easier.
If you order the e-test, the correct function is guaranteed.

For your export use preferably the form “Extended Gerber“ (Gerber274X), and for the drilling machine use the similar form EXCELLON 2 in metrical system. The diameter is the final hole size.
Using some exotic design SW, write at least infotext describing coordinates- and drill-data format as well as final PCB dimensions.

There may occur some other problems with the customers data, his library or design parameters. They are very difficult to notice, because they are spread all over the board and can be barely corrected up to 100%:
- the service print exceeds into the soldering area
- openings in the solder mask are insufficiently enlarged: too small or even no enlarging
- tracks too near to one another
- track don´t end on the pad
- tracks too sharply bended
- layout in millimeters, but some library parts or plotter apertures in mils, or vice-versa
- especially in mil design: e.g. 1mm-pads become invisible and finally are missing on the PCB

Eventually NOTHING - to some degree rely on our CAM-departement ...
BUT: The data obtained from you are determing for us!
Download any preview software for GERBER data and MAKE THE FINAL CHECK of your job.
We offer you free software ( GCPREVUE ) here on our web.
Our job will be easier and you receive perfect boards.

Sincerly, your PRINTED Ltd.