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Printed s.r.o.: Českolipská 1449, Mělník, Tel.: +420 315 670 137, Fax: +420 315 671 495, E-mail: printed@printed.cz
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Company Printed was founded in 1989 in Ceska Lipa and produced in a small workshop hand drilled psbs with sieved technology. In 1991 changed to Ltd. and rented a complete and up to date production facilities in Inova Co. in Prague. Two years later Printed was offered to buy the whole machinery.
In 1994 Printed bought its own building in Melnik. Since then started the new era of development from one-sided boards to recent 12-layers pcbs.
Today we own modern and powerful technology which enables us quick and high quality production.You can see our

We rented part of the building to Markom Co.,which assembles the pcbs. Both companies cooperate so you can get the whole product on one addresss. 

Let´s now have a look on what we are able to do in design, production and assembly .