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Standard assembly of 6 and more layers boards:


  • Cores for the layers e.g. IN1+IN2 made of FR4, the same for IN3+IN4. The boards are etched, stacked together with prepregs and finished on both sides with copper foils 18/18 µm or 35/35 µm. The TOP and BOT layers are finally etched. We also have experience with the production of the boards with upto 26 layers.
  • The geometry of the inner layers and resulting board thickness must be defined.
  • To achieve proper impedancy of the circuit, copper to copper distances can be held in tolerance of 10 µm.
  • Drilling according to the drilling data, drills metallized. Blind- or inside-vias can be ordered.
  • Solder mask, photolitografically transfered
  • Service print
  • Tinned with Cn100C HAL /not recommended/, or
  • Galvanic gold over galvanic nickel, or
  • treated with OSP

More information under Multilayer boards

Maximum size:

380 x 400mm in galvanic tin

300 x 400mm solder mask and HAL /not recommended/

300 x 400mm galvanic gilded

300 x 400mm OSP

Needed documents:

  • GERBER data with control prints.Layer order must be clearly marked and described fom TOP to BOT in order not to be interchanged.
  • Positive films with tracks, solder masks and service print. Set of data files allways required for production purpses.
  • EXCELLON drill data. Blind- or inside-vias must be included in separate drill data files with the information of which layers it concerns.
  • Final board size, eventual milling drawing. The final dimensions are finished  only by milling. Other wishes have to be consulted during placing the order.
  • All multilayer boards are tested: inner layers are optically tested, final boards are electrically tested. This testing is included in the board price.