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PRINTED S.R.O. [2008-07-15 04:51pm]

PRINTED S.R.O. PCB, design, production, assembly The company Printed s.r.o. is a traditional printed circuit board manufacturer with a 25 years experience on the domestic and foreign market. The...

About us [2008-07-15 05:47pm]

OSP [2008-08-12 02:41pm]

Lead-free [2008-09-15 01:47pm]

PCB before OSP [2008-08-12 02:47pm]

PCB with OSP [2008-08-12 02:48pm]

Preparing the data [2008-08-12 03:17pm]

Preparing the material [2008-08-12 03:20pm]

Before laminating [2008-08-12 03:28pm]

Laminating [2008-08-12 03:31pm]

Drilling [2008-08-12 03:34pm]

Positioning [2008-08-12 03:45pm]

Metallizing [2008-08-12 03:55pm]

Galvanic process [2008-08-12 04:02pm]

E-testing [2008-08-12 04:06pm]

Formatting the boards [2008-08-12 04:07pm]

Wrong 8-layer PCB [2008-08-12 04:20pm]

Cross section of the 6-layer PCB [2008-08-12 04:33pm]

Wrong 8-layer PCB [2008-08-12 04:33pm]

One-layer PCBs [2008-08-15 01:08pm]

New e-tester [2008-08-13 05:26pm]

4.12.2007:  we started to test electrically the whole production of metallized pcbs

Production spectrum [2008-08-15 11:33am]

Assembled PCB(6) [2008-09-29 11:05am]

Assembled PCB(7) [2008-09-29 11:06am]

Three-layer PCBs [2008-08-15 01:40pm]

Two-layer PCBs [2008-08-15 12:43pm]

Four-layer PCBs [2008-08-15 02:20pm]

6 and more layers PCBs [2008-08-15 03:06pm]

Pressing the PCB [2008-09-25 03:46pm]

PCB cutting [2008-09-25 03:42pm]

PCB milling [2008-09-25 03:40pm]

HAL [2008-09-25 03:35pm]

AOI-tester [2008-09-25 03:30pm]

Galvanic line [2008-09-25 03:26pm]

Motif exposure [2008-09-25 03:25pm]

Line SHADOW [2008-09-25 03:23pm]

Business conditions [2008-09-10 12:09pm]

Inexpensive prototyping [2008-10-10 10:39am]

Our registered clients can profit from the prototype-pcbs without express fee.

Galvanic gilding [2008-09-15 02:41pm]

Surface preparation for the mask [2008-09-17 01:29pm]

7.5.2007: new line for the surface preparation for the mask

AOI tester [2008-09-17 04:27pm]

6.11.2006: automatic optical inspection ARGOS 8008

OSP line [2008-09-17 04:33pm]

12.7.2006: OSP line

Drilling machine [2008-09-17 04:40pm]

28.2.2006: drilling machine Schmoll MX 1-24 CCD

Shadow line [2008-09-18 01:40pm]

Etching line [2008-09-18 01:49pm]

E-testers [2008-09-18 02:06pm]

Drilling machines [2008-09-18 02:35pm]

PCB with Al-backplane [2008-10-10 01:35pm]

OSP line [2008-09-19 03:28pm]

Production [2008-09-22 01:09pm]

PCB design [2008-09-29 10:20am]

PCB assembly [2008-09-29 10:31am]

Drilling the PCBs [2008-09-25 03:20pm]

Assembled PCB(5) [2008-09-29 11:05am]

PPT [2008-10-01 11:23am]

Schmoll [2008-10-01 12:06pm]

Assembled PCB(1) [2008-10-01 02:07pm]

Assembled PCB(2) [2008-10-01 02:07pm]

Assembled PCB(3) [2008-10-01 02:08pm]

Assembled PCB(4) [2008-10-01 02:09pm]

Flexible PCBs [2008-10-02 11:57am]

PCB`s on Aluminum base material [2008-10-02 12:28pm]

Solder-cream screens [2008-10-02 12:38pm]

Preparing the data [2008-10-02 04:06pm]

Zero-size apertures [2008-10-08 01:17pm]

Never use the zero-sized apertures, it leads to unexpected results.

Changing the design... [2008-10-08 01:18pm]

When making any change in your design, allways change the pcb name on the board and in the data.

Flexible PCB [2008-10-09 11:18am]

Marking the layer [2008-10-09 02:13pm]

Mark the copper layer with some non-symmetric alphanumerical sign, e.g. 2, R, F...

Copper near the edge [2008-10-09 02:42pm]

Good designs leave free space along the pcb edge and the cutter or the milling machine doesn't touch the pcb track.

Milling machine for aluminium [2008-10-23 02:09pm]

21.10.2008: we have bought the milling machine for cutting the PCBs with Al-backplane. It saves time - we can mill in our company now.