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Printed s.r.o.: Českolipská 1449, Mělník, Tel.: +420 315 670 137, Fax: +420 315 671 495, E-mail: printed@printed.cz


PCB, design, production, assembly

The company Printed s.r.o. is a traditional printed circuit board manufacturer with a 25 years experience on the domestic and foreign market. The company was established in the year 1991. Our production facility is located in Melnik close to Prag and is equipped with a complete technological machinery. We offers a quick, flexible and high-quality PCB volume production as well as prototyping and sample production with attractive prices. We deliver single-, double- and multi-layer printed circuit boards with blind and buried vias. The motives are produced photogalvanicaly.

Our development center offers a complete customized electronics design up to functional prototypes. It can significantly reduce your development costs and time-to-market. The entire development process including raw PCB production is concentrated in-house, which is the main prerequisite for its quickness, flexibility, quality and transparency.

Our price policy is transparent. The PCB prices can be calculated using our ON-LINE PRICE LIST. The calculated prices are final prices, any additional cost will NOT be applied. You can find indicative prices for assembling in our ASSEMBLING PRICELIST.

We will be on holiday on 6th to 10th of May.
This won't affect delivery times for orders in standard terms.


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